Trick to Earn Money in Handy App

I am going to demonstrate how can you earn free handy coin without referal to anyone.

The simple Procedure but it will take some but good things are worth waiting .


1- Download Bluestacks i prefer you to download bluestacks 5 version

2- Setup Bluestacks 5 and install Handy App

3- Install Text plus app

4- Open this website

Note: You can change imei number of Bluestacks 5 just go to destination folder and there will bluestacks.config once you open it you can found imei number which is device id of android .

5- open this website and create a temp account

6- Open handy app and sign up

7- Enter temp email

8- Open textplus app

9- Use any temp number of any country by signing up with temp email

10- Sign up handy with your own temp email and number

11- use your referal code to earn handy

12- Again change imei of bluestacks by clearing data of handy app

13- Follow the steps again to earn handy

Note: Handy App wont detect that you are using same device so what are you waiting for start earning now!

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